Cloud Backups Are Best

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical when I started using cloud backup services on my two computers.  I wasn’t quite sure they were all they were cracked up to be, and I was concerned about uploading files over the internet.  Well, I underestimated my internet connection speed.  It’s super easy these days to get a high speed internet connection, and using services like Backblaze and MyPCBackup you won’t even notice the uploads in the background as you can throttle them to whatever you want.

I was especially surprised with Backblaze – I used that service on my desktop PC where I do a lot of video editing.  My video files are priceless and can’t be replaced if lost – and so I do two stages of backups.  I back everything up on an external hard drive, and I also let it upload to the cloud.  Now, I won’t lie – I have gigabytes worth of video files.  And it took a long time for it to all get up on the cloud server.  But now it’s there – and I can rest easy knowing that they are backed up in two places, including one off-site.  Off site backups are important – what if something happens to your house or apartment, like robbery or a fire?  Then you’re SOL my friend.  You’re never getting that data back.

I also like the cloud approach because I can access those files anytime, anywhere.  It takes a bit of getting used to, and sometimes I don’t remember that I can do that, but it’s a great resource.

I also use MyPCBackup on my work computer.  MyPCBackup has a bit more flexibility when it comes to accessing those files that I need from a mobile device.  This makes it easy to get to them when I need them.  It’s just as fast although it doesn’t have an unlimited backup feature like Backblaze does.  It’s a bit more nickel and dime, but I like it for a few different reasons.

After using both, I would definitely recommend either one.  If you’re not that tech savvy I’d say use Backblaze.  If you like flexibility then I suggest checking out MyPCBackup.